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Our policy
Breed: SCOTTISH FOLD. Please read our contract before purchased a kitten...
1. Our kittens are sold as pets and must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age due healthy reasons. New owner must send a proof of spaying/neutering when it gets done, otherwise fee of double price of the kitten will apply.
2. Scottish fold kittens/cats from Valpets shall never be placed into, sold or given away to any pet Shop or any type of research facility. The New Owner will offer breeder the kitten/cat back to the breeder if they are no longer willing or able to keep this cat/kitten. Shipping cost and vet expenses In this case are the sole responsibility of the New Owner and no refund.
3. Our kittens are sold as indoor cats only.
4. New Owner should introduce a kitten to family & friends slowly in order to keep stress level down. If kitten is going to a multi pet home New Owner agrees not to expose kitten to any animals until Cat is examined by a licensed vet. If buyer fails to quarantine Cat as described above, all guarantees are null & void.
Our kittens are sold as pets and not for breeding, so they must be spayed or neutered by 6-7 months of age. There is a list of reasons why you should spay/neuter your kitten. By the age of 7-8 months the kitten reaches puberty, his body starts to produce hormones and breeding instinct-related behavior appears. That means that your cat will try to find or attract the mate meanwhile delivers a lot of inconvenience to the owner. It's easy to avoid such behavior if spay or neuter kitten before puberty. At the same time, spay/neuter shouldn't be done too early because it may cause developmental delays. This is why we don't do that while the kitten is in the cattery. But the main reason to spay/neuter the cat is to protect them from some serious health problems later in life. For example, the surgery radically reduces the risk of uterine infections and breast cancer in females and prostatic hyperplasia and testicular cancer in males.
Remember that cats are driven by hormones, not by emotions, so they not gonna get a melancholy due to the inability to have kittens. After spay/neuter both the owner and a cat will have a better and calmer life.
We require New Owner to send us proof of spaying/neutering when it gets done, otherwise, a fee of the double price of the kitten will apply. You can get more details about the procedure of spaying/neutering from your veterinarian.
To the best of the Breeder's Knowledge , New owner of the kitten is receiving a healthy kitten/cat free of any hereditary malformations ( genetic defects), or life threatening congenital defects. To validate this Guarantee, New Owner has 3 days to have licensed veterinarian examine the kitten. If the kitten is not verified healthy the buyer has 72 hours to return the kitten to the breeder. Written documentation from a licensed veterinarian describing the health problem must accompany the kitten upon return. If New Owner returns a kitten in compliance with these conditions, breeder will replace the kitten with one equal value when available. Health certificates, exams, tests, shipping costs and all other medical and vet expenses are the sole responsibility of the New Owner. Failure to have the kitten /cat examined within 7 days from the date of purchase will void return policy. No health guarantee will be honored if this animal dies of a virus from a contact with another animal. Breeder provides a warranty for genetic problems for 180 days. All sales are final after 7 days.
The kitten will be vaccinated due to the age only when pet is in excellent health. First immunization (feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia) and deworming should be given at 8 weeks of age. Second vaccine and deworming should be given at 11 weeks of age. The third one at 14 weeks. Another booster may be administered 1 year from the third vaccination.
Buyer agrees that Rabies vaccine will be given to kitten after 4 months of age and not In conjunction with another vaccine, treatment, surgery, injury or illness. One rabies booster may be administered no earlier then year from the initial vaccination. The vaccine should not be repeated more then 3 years per the vaccine label. In areas where annual rabies vaccination is required owners are encouraged to obtain a waiver from their vet for the term of 3 years and even beyond based on titer levels. Buyer will not vaccinate Cat with modified live FIP vaccine, Leukemia vaccine ( FeLV), Ringworm, Bordetella ( Bordetellosis) or Chlamydia ( Chlamydiosis) or any combination vaccine that contains live or killed Leukemia or MCK Vaccine ( Ringworm). If either of these vaccines is administered to the kitten/cat, the Health Guarantee is null and void. Vaccination with any newly developed vaccine, or a vaccine not specifically listed on the contract voids the health guarantee. Do not use modified live vaccines except/unless opting for a nasal vaccine over an injection to avoid injection site sarcomas. No vaccine will be given within 30 days of another vaccination, surgery illness, injury shipping or other stress.
Kitten's diet must be made up of a quality canned and dry food from our list of recommended brands. Water should be always provided in glass or stainless steal dishes in room temperature. Fresh filtered water must be provided daily for this pet. No human food please!!! No milk!
8. We require that only natural, organic, not toxic household cleaners, detergents, dish soaps be used on any surface of dishes the cat may come into contact
Our kittens are litter trained. When you bring a kitten to a new place it's better to keep it in small room with water, food, litter box and comfortable sleeping bed or cat tree. Litter box should be wide enough, we recommend covered litter box so the kitten will make less mess.
We recommend Advantage II Flea Treatment for Kittens 2-5 lbs. This highly-effective, veterinarian-recommended treatment is specifically formulated to kill all life stages of fleas on contact with no painful biting required. With three-way protection that kills the eggs, larvae and adults, it breaks the flea life-cycle to help prevent re-infestation of your pet and your home. The waterproof formula continues working for up to four weeks, even after bathing; for use on kittens and cats 8 weeks or older and weighing between 2 and 5 pounds.
How does membership plan work?
You select the membership that best fits your services needs and apply. Once your application is accepted you receive a set amount of services per month. Your dues are charged monthly.
Is there an annual contract?
Nope! Scared of commitment? We've got you. The Men's Grooming Club is month-to-month and risk free. Don't like long-term contracts? Good. Neither do we.
Is there an annual contract??
Nope! Scared of commitment? We've got you. The Men's Grooming Club is month-to-month and risk free. Don't like long-term contracts? Good. Neither do we.
What if I don't use my services each month?
For current Members any unused Classic or Premium services roll over each month. Once you pay for them, they're yours.
What if I want to cancel?
No problem. Just stop by your home location or provide written notice and we can cancel your account that day. You will have 60 days from your cancellation date to use your remaining credits
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